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Advancing careers and studies with SIM scholarships

30 Jul 2019

Lifelong learning – the one thing that SIM pioneers Dr Richard K M Eu (Founding Chairman) and the late Professor You Poh Seng (former Executive Director) stood for – is what keeps individuals relevant and competent in this ever-changing society. In line with SIM’s social mission to inspire and empower individuals to realise their potential through learning, 23 SIM scholarships were presented at a ceremony held at SIM Headquarters campus on 24 July.  

A medical doctor turned healthcare management executive, Mr Tan Wei Li was awarded the SIM-You Poh Seng Postgraduate Scholarship to support his perennial quest for self-improvement. His next stop: Master of Business Administration at Stanford University.  

Driven to overcome what he considers his inadequacies in management in the early years of his career, Wei Li took up a part-time SIM-University of London (SIM-UOL) Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics and Management – even after having attained a medical degree from the National University of Singapore. The SIM-UOL programme certainly did not disappoint and spurred him to continue his learning quest. Wei Li hoped that his upcoming stint at Stanford will further equip him with the relevant skills to benefit patients and their loved ones. “I look forward to learning about the latest innovations in management thinking and technologies, which I will apply to making a positive difference, in whatever small way I can, to healthcare in Singapore and the rest of Asia”, he said.

Wei Li (right) receiving his postgraduate scholarship award from Mr Seah Chin Siong. Wei Li pursued a road less travelled in his career path,
exemplifying the lifelong learning and innovative adventure spirit of his SIM award.

While no bond is tied to SIM scholarships, Mr Seah Chin Siong, President and Chief Executive Officer, SIM, reminded the scholars that they are not absolved of all obligations. He told them: “Your responsibility is to be a net giver – not taker – to society. In other words, you have to make the best of the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained to make a positive impact on your community and beyond, and to pay forward to others who come after you, who are in need of help.” 

Including bursaries, SIM disbursed more than $456,000 to deserving recipients this year.  

Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Senior Advisor, SIM (left), presenting a resolute SIM-UOL undergraduate Mr Tay Yang Zhi with the SIM Global Education (SIM GE) scholarship.
Yang Zhi, who applied three times for this scholarship, encouraged his fellow scholars not to let failures in life impede their pursuit of goals.

A total of one SIM postgraduate scholarship, eight SIM GE undergraduate scholarships, and 14 SIM GE diploma scholarships were given out this year.

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