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Achieving job satisfaction at Google

16 Jun 2017

Ferdian’s Accounting and Finance degree has helped him to achieve success in his career.

Ferdian Gunawan gets to live out his passion as a Business Strategy Manager at Google Singapore. The SIM – University of London (UOL) Accounting and Finance graduate shares his journey.

Making the Most of University Life
I love interacting with people. I was president of Indonesian Community (InSIM) at SIM Global Education (SIM GE), where I got to organise a lot of events and promote initiatives as well as work with different agencies to bring Indonesian students together.

Doing What He Loves
I took up a sales job after graduation. The best part was getting to work with clients from all over the world – Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. That’s where my accounting and finance degree came into play. When you are backed by the right set of data analysis and recommendation – one that is favourable to clients – the chances of clinching deals are much higher. My experience with international clients and ability with numbers helped me to clinch the job at Google.

Ferdian conducting talks at the Google office.


Thriving at Google
I joined Google in 2015. My scope of work includes managing a portfolio of high-potential businesses and agencies in Indonesia. I have to maintain good client relationships where their satisfaction is the priority – this is very meaningful to me.

Advice t
o Students
You should always try your best to be involved in activities beyond the classroom because you will learn many valuable life lessons from them that you will not be able to otherwise. One of the advantages of studying in SIM GE is getting to meet a lot of friends from different countries and cultures, even Nigeria and Mongolia. So make the most of what you have and it will work to your advantage, especially when you go out into the working world.

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