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Harnessing creativity and happiness: Lessons from the Singapore Management Festival

26 Dec 2017

The Singapore Management Festival (SMF), is an annual highlight of Singapore’s management event calendar, offering learnings and insights for the entire spectrum of business professionals, from PMETs to C-suite executives. Themed The Evolving Future: Small is the New Big, participants were treated to three days of invigorating speakers, panel sessions and networking.

Perfection—the Enemy of Creativity

Have you ever been in a situation where you waited for the perfect opportunity to come along? Perfectionism is the enemy of creativity, and done is better than perfect. Whether you fail or succeed, there are always valuable lessons to be learnt along the way.

Happiness as a Business Model

Get your company culture right first, then everything else will come more naturally and flow organically. Although this may not be easy – data from the United States showed that three-quarters of corporate culture initiatives failed – commitment is key. That’s what counts to start getting your company culture right.

Transform or Die

Millennials spend close to 18 hours a day consuming media; one-in-two people use mobile phones; and one-in-three bought something in a mobile experience. Is your business keeping up with the times and technology or turning obsolete?

Be Authentic and Transparent

Companies wanting to go through cultural change or reorient themselves to face new challenges must have a personal and honest assessment of where they are, what they can and cannot do, the skills they need to develop, and a willingness to learn from mistakes. Change values must be authentic and real, and not staged.

Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs

To be a successful entrepreneur, one must dare to fail, know one’s product, be well-versed in the art of selling, be prepared to make lifestyle changes, stay motivated, and possess an entrepreneurial mindset of working harder and smarter and pre-empting problems.

Serial entrepreneur Daniel Ong took the audience through his lifelong journey of entrepreneurship and his links to many well-known Singaporean brands.

This is the second part of excerpts extracted from Today's Manager

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